How to Register                                                                                                 


Our courses are open – no application is required and all it takes are 6 simple steps:

1. Make your enrolment request by contacting the training officer or SEDCO head office.
2. Upon approval, fill in the registration form (registration form to be sent via email).
3. Pay the registration fee, Banking Details to be sent with Application Form. Use your ID Number as reference
4. Email proof of payment.
5. At this point, you will receive your individual Simama login credential.
6. Your Simama account is ready for use / your entrepreneurship learning journey begins here.

 Registration Checklist                                                                                       

1. I have made my request known 

2. I have made payments and sent proof 

3. I have filled in my registration form

4. I have created/received my Simama login credentials