Rules & Regulations                                                                                        

  • 1. The Simama courses are structured in such a manner that students are able to complete all modules in a period of 30 days/1 month.
  • 2. Therefore login credentials are valid for this period only.
  • 3. Should an individual wish to extend the enrolment period, an extension request is made wherein a fee of E300 is payable with this request.
  • 4. The login credentials remain unique and confidential to registered individuals, these credentials cannot be shared or used by other persons.
  • 5. Students are allowed a minimum of 3 consultations with course facilitators on any of the related course modules
  • 6. Failure to adhere to the number of consultations stipulated above is subject to the non-issue of a course completion certificate.
  • 7. The courses are designed to intensively test and assess students’ comprehension of concepts. 
  • 8. Therefore, before attempting a subsequent module, students must demonstrate understanding by answering quiz questions and attaining a minimum of 60%.
  • 9. A maximum of 3 attempts can be made for quiz questions. Failure to meet the minimum mark of 60% upon all attempts could illustrate that a student has not fully comprehended module concepts the decision to issue a course completion certificate is revalidated.
  • 10. Course completion certificates are made available only after a student has successfully completed all course modules.
  • 11. The action plan template must be filled and submitted as at the last day of the course i.e. when student has successfully completed module 6.