Entrepreneurship Course

Objective:  The purpose of this course is to educate potential and existing entrepreneurs on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and on specific aspects that go into running a successful enterprise. Secondly, this course aims to help participants get access to funding, having performed a business appraisal of the financial and technical viability of their businesses. By the end of this course, participants must be able to:

•        understand the concept of entrepreneurship and what it entails

•        develop solid marketing plans for their businesses

·              appropriately calculate business related costs as well as set 

      prices for goods and services

·               differentiate between the different kinds of business structures and the                               

      functionality of each

·              design and outlay business plans

•        understand the record keeping process and its importance in the                        

           day to day running of a business

·               assess the viability of potential businesses

•        keep existing businesses afloat


Topics Covered: 

•          Understanding Entrepreneurship

•         Marketing

•        Costing and Pricing of goods

•        Business formations

•        Business planning

•        Record keeping


Audience: This course is designed for individuals who want to pursue business ventures or are already a part of existing businesses. It is highly recommended for individuals who seek business management skills as well as those that are looking into getting business funding.